Friday, June 23, 2017

2017 TGO Challenge Day 0: Getting to the Beginning

The Great Outdoors Challenge 2017 

Wednesday, May 10 - Thursday May 11th

***If you don't know what the Great Outdoors Challenge (TGO or TGOC from here on) is all about, check out this link.***

Leslie and I met at Palm Beach International Airport about 11:30am on May 10th, beginning our long journey to Mallaig, Scotland.  Our first flight took us to New York, and then we continued on to Dublin, and finally Glasgow.   Once in Glasgow, we had about 4 hours to purchase fuel, mail some parcels, and make it to the train station for the 12:20 train to Mallaig.  

Once all our chores were done we arrived at the train station to find a rather large gathering of Challengers waiting for the train.  I failed to capture a picture, of course.  

We had a 5 hour train ride, and did get some pictures and video (thanks to Leslie for all the videos):

Good Advice

Towards the end of the train ride, having been awake for somewhere around 4 hours with only a couple 30 minute naps while traveling, I fell asleep while Leslie was talking to me.  According to her husband, this is a normal occurrence (I'm joking, I'm joking.  Although, her husband has never told me this doesn't happen, so it could possibly be true).  My point is...traveling is exhausting.

Once in Mallaig, we checked into our hotel, explored town a little bit, had an enormous fish and chips dinner, went back to the hotel and promptly fell asleep.

The West Highland Hotel
The last view before passing out

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